Jim Massey’s Cleaners knows how to take care of your clothes.

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At Jim Massey Cleaners we use the best cleaning systems, detergents, and equipment to ensure your garments come back as clean, bright, soft, and stain-free as possible. Add in the personal hand pressing and the detailed inspection each garment receives, and you know your clothes will look their best.

Why deal with the hassle of doing laundry when you can have our professional cleaners do it for you? We’ll separate whites and colors before washing so you can literally “take a load off”. We neatly fold and package your items so they are easy to pick up and just as easy to put away. Learn more.

With proper leather and suede cleaning, garments can give you many years of practical wear and enjoyment. We provide a safe, effective way to clean and refresh your favorite leather and suede garments.

Our shirts are washed with the latest ozone technology. This allows us to use less chemicals and a lower water temperature while still maintaining the highest degree of soil removal. Our laundry service keeps your shirts clean, crisp and bright. We replace broken or missing buttons at no extra charge. Whether you prefer No Starch, Heavy Starch, or something in the middle; we can satisfy your preference. Montgomery’s only laundry to offer hand folded shirts. Individually placed in a plastic bag for easy traveling and storage.

With the best care available, you can extend the life of your high quality bedding and linens. We have the most sophisticated facilities and equipment to maintain their appearance. From Battenburg lace to fine embroidery, we take the extra care these delicate pieces require. Jim Massey’s will handle your exquisite linens with a gentle touch and attention to detail.

Wet cleaning is the safest, most environmentally-friendly garment cleaning alternative method to tradition dry cleaning, utilizing gentle washing machines, biodegradable soaps and conditioners. At Jim Massey’s our cleaning experts can identify the best method for professionally cleaning your garments-through either dry cleaning or wet cleaning methods. We proudly offer this environmentally-safe advanced alternative to dry cleaning.

Draperies and curtains need occasional cleaning and it’s important they be done by a professional. At Jim Massey’s, we’ve invested in equipment that is specifically designed to ensure your drapes and curtains are properly cleaned and pressed when returned to you.

For the person who wants their jeans or khaki pants to “Stand Up” on their own, we offer the heaviest starch available in the River Region. In addition, our one-of-a-kind ozone cleaning technology helps reduce shrinkage by allowing us to lower our water temperature.

Your wedding day is one of the most important events of your life, full of memories you will cherish forever. At Jim Massey’s, we understand the importance of preservation and restoration better than most and take the task very seriously. After we clean and restore your gown, it will be placed in a premium quality, acid-free box, preserving it for future generations.

Nothing makes guests feel more special than tablecloths, napkins, and placemats which have been professionally washed and pressed. From banquet style tablecloths, to your grandmother’s heirloom linens, we treat these items with the TLC and extra attention they require.

Free Pick-Up & Delivery

Everyone involved with cleaning your clothing has received the finest training available. We utilize the latest technology to insure every garment is carefully cleaned and pressed. We have locations conveniently located throughout the River Region. We also offer Free Pickup & Delivery service to your home or office. We have many methods of cleaning to ensure the best cleaning process is selected for your items. This includes all of our services, whether it is preserving a custom made wedding gown, cleaning your table linens, heavy starch in a laundry shirt, or no creases on the sleeve of your favorite silk blouse – we have the experience to take care of it for you. Our prices are fair and we always have various coupons and specials available. We want to be your one stop for all of your cleaning and laundering needs.

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